Direct Domestic Investment Programme


Direct domestic investments play a crucial role in the economic development of the Turks and Caicos Islands. They stimulate job creation, increase production and productivity, promote innovation, and contribute to the creation of a middle class and growing purchasing power. This improves the living conditions of citizens and reduces poverty. The impact of these investments helps to identify priority sectors where local investment should be encouraged, as well as the policy measures needed to promote an investment-friendly environment.

The Vision of the Direct Domestic Investment Program is to further enhance Invest Turks and Caicos Agency’s ability to provide incentives and support that enable Turks and Caicos Islanders businesses to adopt more efficient and innovative practices, which improves their competitiveness and long-term success.


To qualify for this program, the applicant must meet the following eligibility.

• Must be a person with Turks and Caicos Islander Status
• Must have a valid business license.
• Must be the 100% principal owner and operator of the business.
• Must not have received any investment incentives in the last three years.

Application Process

The programme information and application forms will be submitted to Invest Turks and Caicos. Clear guidelines on how to apply along with the required supporting documents will be prepared and communicated to the public. Invest Turks and Caicos will review and approve the applications, as well as provide feedback to successful and unsuccessful applicants. Incomplete applications will be notified to allow for resubmission.

• Submit a completed form detailing investment incentives being sought along with supporting documents to Invest Turks and Caicos.
• Invest TC will process the application and submit the same to for a determination.
• A site visit /inspection may be required.
• Depending on the nature of the proposed business activity, the relevant Government department or Agency would be consulted for input: Planning, DECR, Ministry of Housing or any other required government department.
• Once a determination has been made, Invest TCI will communicate to the applicant in writing.

Supporting Documents

  • Copy of Passport
  • Business License
  • Proof of status
  • Economic, Social & Environmental Impact
  • Police record
  • Proof of financial capability (if applicable)
  • Bank Reference
  • Proposed site plans for development


A determination is communicated within 60 days following the submission of a completed application and supporting documents.