Individuals 18 years and older are eligible to apply for a Work Permit in the islands. The permit allows for lawful residency and the right to work within a restricted category.

For the purposes of working in the Islands, there are two types of defined employment:

  • Employed persons are those working for an employer under a contract of service or employer-employee relationship and include employees of the Government and apprentices.
  • Self-employed persons are those persons who are gainfully occupied in the Islands otherwise than as employees, that is, persons working on their own account.

Work permits can be renewed up to 3 times for unskilled and 5 times for skilled workers.

For first time permit holders, they must leave the country until such time as their permit is approved. For renewals, a work permit holder can continue to work during the renewal process under the same company/employer.

In the case of an owner/manager permit or self-employed permit, a business license should be obtained first. Such a permit will not be issued without a valid business license.

A work permit entitles a person to work for one employer which applies for and endorses the employee. Spouses and children can be endorsed on work permits for skilled workers. Unskilled permits are prevented from including spouses or children.

Applications and details on fees and necessary accompanying documents can be obtained from the Immigration department or online at

Several accompanying documents will be required along with the application submission including but not limited to the following items:

  • Local medical certificate obtained within six months;
  • Two passport sized photos;
  • Labour clearance;
  • Covering letter;
  • Copy of employer’s passport showing photo page or in the case of a business, copy of business license and payment receipt;
  • Proof of legal status or proof of departure;
  • Required deposit (separate from work permit fee);
  • Police record (police records are not accepted from Haiti and Dominican Republic).

Fees for work permits vary depending on the type of permit ranging from $200 – $10,000.