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10 reasons to invest in TCI

1. Strong Economy: Sovereign Credit Rating of BBB+, an estimated annual growth rate of 4.4% and the US$ as our national currency.

2. Pro-Business Investment Climate: Government support at all levels, including the provision of investment incentives in priority sectors. No direct corporate, personal, capital gains or inheritance taxes. No exchange controls

3. Strong Legal System: A British Dependent Territory with a strong and effective judicial system based on English Common Law

4. Effective Regulation and Compliance: Compliant with IMF, OECD and FATF standards: Committed to US and UK FATCA and early adoption of the Common Reporting Standard

5. Development Opportunities: Prime undeveloped Land available for tourism and residential projects

6. Easy Access: Extensive direct air routes, including twice-weekly flights from UK and over 150 weekly flights to and from US and Canadian cities

7. First Mover Opportunities: Many business sectors are underdeveloped

8. Residency Opportunities: Temporary and Permanent Residence status available to qualified investors

9. Quality Education: TCI students recently achieved «Top of the world » for AS-level Mathematics and Chemistry from the Cambridge International Examinations body

10. Excellent Quality of Life: 40 beautiful islands: world-class beaches; and great outdoor activities under the Caribbean sun